This project started a simple idea for a project for my communications degree but evolved quickly into something I fell in love with. There was a lot of time spent trying out different styles until I came up with the base of what you see just below this paragraph. Through some trial and error I created some assets that will be highlighted on this page as you explore and discover more. I hope you enjoy this project as much as I have and try to find every combination possible!

Allow me to introduce you to Clue the Ghost. Clue is sort of basic but through the help of some extra articles, his personality can really begin to show. Throughout this project you will discover hundreds of combinations that are possible with just a few highlighted here! Take a look around and see what Clue can really show off!

These are just 16 of the nearly 5,000 total combinations of ghosts. With a total of 5 backgrounds, 5 base character designs, 3 lower body pieces, 7 mid body pieces and 9 upper body pieces who knows what you’ll end up with! The combinations you can find may just surprise you!


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