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Welcome to my website. This is all about me and what I can do. On this site you will find my work that ranged anywhere from personal projects to work completed through jobs and school. If you have any questions or want to contact me please refer to the information provided on this website.

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Sushi Llama Pickle Pasta Stache

Over the span of a semester a group of students and I rebranded the game Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza and turned it into Sushi Llama Pickle Pasta Stashe. We created all new assets for every single part of the game, including the cards, rulebook and other parts of our marketing material. The process had it’s ups and down but what we ended with exceeded our expectations in ways we never thought possible.

American Advertising Federation

Oculus Campaign Winter 2022

My senior year of college I was lucky enough to take part in the winter 2022 competition for the American Advertising Foundation, or AAF for short. They partnered with Meta for the competition and tasked us with creating a marketing campaign to focus on bringing more people into the fold with the Quest 2 but ultimately we were charged with figuring out the best way for Quest to be an all inclusive tool for students moving into college.

Infinite Ghost NFT

My senior project in college was created with the idea of discovering and testing how NFT design works and what it takes to create the assets needed for a project like that to happen. Throughout my time working on it I was able to develop 5 Bases, 4 Backgound, 2 Lower Body pieces, 6 Mid Body Pieces and 6 Upper Body Pieces. This lead to nearly 1,500 individual combinations for people to discover and explore with each combination being completely different from the rest.

18 Days of Movie Posters

Within my capstone class for visual media, one of our projects was to create something new every day for 18 days. For my project Iwanted to go wit hsomething I am passionate about and in this case it was movie posters. These posters were designed with the goal of appealing to fans. I wanted to create posters with a new look on the films they know and love and at the same time create something that was appealing enough to purchase and add to their homes.