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Welcome to my graphic designer portfolio, where creativity knows no bounds! I am thrilled to present a collection of my visual journey, showcasing my skills as a designer. With a passion for turning ideas into captivating visuals, I have honed my skills in graphic design, illustration, web design, and more. Whether you’re a prospective client, collaborator, or simply an art enthusiast, I invite you to explore the projects that demonstrate my determination to turn ideas into reality. Join me on this journey that celebrates my passion for design and creativity.

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Promethean’s Pyre

A group of students and I created a fictional band named Promethean’s Pyre so that we could create assets for this project. We created all new material that ranged from gig posters, album covers, merch, and more. This process is one of the most involved projects I have been a part of and there was so much to learn throughout it. This project allowed me to expand my own understanding of the creative process and allowed me to implement new ways of learning and designing.

18 Days of Stickers

I wanted to create something new and unique that would challenge me to create something meaningful to me and help expand my own abilities. This led to me creating the idea of Ironic Sticker Co. For this project, I created a new design every single day for 18 days over the span of 3 weeks. This project put a particular strain on me and pushed me to my limits several times but taught me the value of creating new concepts every day from start to finish.

Sushi Llama Pickle Pasta Stache

Over the span of a semester, a group of students and I rebranded the game Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza and turned it into Sushi Llama Pickle Pasta Stache. We created new assets for every single part of the game, including the cards, rulebook, and other parts of our marketing material. The process had its ups and downs but what we ended with exceeded our expectations in ways we never thought possible.

Infinite Ghost NFT

My senior project in college was created with the idea of discovering and testing how NFT design works and what it takes to create the assets needed for a project like that to happen. Throughout my time working on it I was able to develop 5 Bases, 4 Backgound, 2 Lower Body pieces, 6 Mid Body Pieces and 6 Upper Body Pieces. This lead to nearly 1,500 individual combinations for people to discover and explore with each combination being completely different from the rest.